I proudly present PRISMA, my first book

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Prisma by Frank Haasnoot
Prisma book by Chef Frank Haasnoot

After 8 years of traveling and working around the globe, I was inspired to create my first book Prisma. Prisma is a pastry book created within the concept of six colors. Each color chapter contains eight products accompanied with recipes, colorful photography and stories about my past, present and future endeavors.

Book 'Prisma' by Frank Haasnoot
Book 'Prisma' by Frank Haasnoot

“Let this book be an inspiration for you as a reader to experience what this beautiful profession brings to us and make you even more passionate in the craft”, Jeroen Goosens

“I have always liked his artistic approach, which is a bit “punk”, and his very personal, precise and thoughtful vision. Those qualities give his compositions a unique, identifiable style that is truly his own”. Stéphane Leroux

Book Prisma by Frank Haasnoot

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