How it all began

My name is Frank Haasnoot, I am a Dutch pastry chef with over 20 years experience and currently working for the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong as the Executive Pastry Chef.

My story started many years ago. As a young boy I had no clue where my passion lay. I had many interests like architecture, drawing and food. 

I started working in a kitchen at the age of 13, at my uncle's restaurant based in my birth town Katwijk in Holland. With a family background in pastry and bread making I figured I could help my uncle preparing chocolates, decorating desserts and baking cookies. After the first few weeks I started realising my passion lied in the pastry and chocolate industry.

When I finished my pastry education I started working for several pastry shops, including one year at La Tulipe Desserts in New York. Eventually I started working as the Chef Pastry Developer for Creme de la Creme and finally as the Executive Pastry Chef for Dobla.

During my career I always felt the urge and passion to compete in chocolate and pastry competitions. I felt that it is the way to push and develop my craftsmanship and to build a solid name in the industry. After competing in several Dutch competitions I decided it was time to compete on a international level. I signed up for the World Chocolate Masters, a world championship for pastry chefs in Paris.

The first time I competed in 2007, I was awarded with a fourth place. Although friends and family where proud and happy on that day of the competition I already started thinking about how to win the first place. I felt I needed to push myself again and so I did four years later. In 2011 I was the winner of the World Chocolate Masters and I couldn't be more happy.

After Dobla and the competition me and my girlfriend took the jump and decided to work abroad for The Victorian in Kuwait, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taiwan and finally the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

It has been over four years now since we moved abroad. So far it has been a great adventure filled with lots of traveling, eating delicious or bizarre foods and meeting interesting people. 

For now: I will continue to create the best pastry I can think of. Thank you for reading my story and I hope you will follow me on this sweet adventure.


Winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2011 (World Championship for Pastry Chefs. For more information visit:

Winner of the Dutch Chocolate Masters 2010

4th place World Chocolate Masters 2007

Winner of the Dutch Chocolate Masters 2006

Winner of the Dutch Pastry Awards 2006

Winner of the Junior Dutch Pastry Awards 2000


Reserve member Coupe du Monde La Patisserie Team 2009

Former member of the Dutch Pastry Team 2006 - 2012